I  help businesses with referrals, health and wellness, fundraising, and my graphic designing skills! 

I also can help you save money on traveling! 

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Monica Faulk

I currently reside in Greensburg, PA.

I plan on re-locating back to sunny Florida in the very near future! (Tampa/Sarasota area)

Goal is next Year!  2020!!

This will be my last winter in PA! EXCITING!

Welcome to my site!

Referrals: Send Out Cards


I have been a Distributor for  Send Out Cards since 2013! 

Send out cards mission is to send acts of kindness and to build positive relationships through relationship marketing. Just taking the time to send a customized card shows appreciation and to not take life or others for granted. If you own a business you should go to the send out cards website link to learn how it can get your business more referrals, leads, and gain more sales! 

Anyone can sign up even parents that work from home!  


Fundraising Program


If you are an event planner for your schools fundraising, organization, sports team, non-profit, etc. Go to website to learn more how to raise money! www.travelraffleprogram.com 

Then please send me an email so I can have the Director, Tom contact you with any questions since he would be the person to get in touch with! 

We enjoy helping all businesses! 


Free Online Health Assessment: Customized Vitamins


The American Heart Association and The American Diabetes Association have partnered up with IDLIFE.  Therefore, I have been working within the health and wellness field since 2014 and enjoy being a health coach/consultant. As well as a founding member and Area Director for IDLIFE.  

Go to website link to take your very own FREE online health assessment to get your own customized vitamins! 


Graphic Designer


Need a flyer made for your event? A Logo for your business? A coupon made for your specials at your salon/boutique store? A menu designed for your restaurant? Get in touch with me and click on photo to see my portfolio, prices, etc. 

Food Videos, Photos, Tips,


I enjoy creating healthy meals! If you want some ideas on what to make go to my website to see some photos, videos, healthy tips, and much more!

 Click on photo which will take you to my other website! 



Click on my photo which will take you to the Airbnb website which is my link! It will save you $40 on a location you end up using to stay at for a night! As well as if you decide to do an activity (restaurant, yoga class, entertainment, etc.) you get $15 towards an experience that is worth $50 or more!